Celebrating 20 years since his Illmatic release, Nas performs One Love with Q-Tip and the Roots on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Check out this site for more info about what Nas is up to see another performance from last night’s show.

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My favourite track off the Lorde “Pure Heroine” album. Hoping this one doesn’t hit radio.


For my February Instagram feed I introduced a series that focuses on mixing typefaces, pulling apart and piecing together similar characters, to create new letterforms for an artsy alphabet. The project is entitled Type Mash-Up and each letter represents an art movement, not necessarily the technique of the movement but more so the spirit.

Here is the letter showcase thus far. I plan on revisiting/editing the series when it’s complete but I would love to hear what you think.


I have started the Instagram 365 challenge again. Why? Not really sure. I think mainly because it keeps me motivated to try to come up with something creative on the fly. A little daily dose of creative pressure can’t hurt, right?

I want to attempt a monthly theme challenge to switch things up this year, we will see how it goes. The theme for January was hand lettering. I tried a few different types of mediums which included calligraphy, digital, acrylic paint and food. I also incorporated a ukulele soundbite with one of my entries. I am really enjoying my new little instrument. Lessons are in the near future.

Incase you were wondering, the most liked photo this month was #13 and below is the monthly recap. What was your fave? Mine was entry #11 done in the foil.


I recently saw the movie Inside Llewyn Davis and fell in love with the musical interludes. The ending performance by Oscar Isaac was probably my favourite.